Need a lobbyist? Maybe you already have one, or several!

That's right. Most Americans have several lobbyists working on their behalf.

Drive a car? You may be represented by two or three lobbyists who protect your interests.

Married? You have several lobbyists working for you. Single? Yes, you have a lobbyist. Divorced? Sure, you've got a lobbyist.

Even if you are not a U.S. citizen, you have several lobbyists working for you.

How does that happen? We are a nation of joiners. We belong to thousands of associations. Those associations represent us before the Federal government in Washington and in the state capitals across the country.

So you may have at least as many lobbyists as you have membership cards in your purse or wallet. When you visit a museum, a lobbyist is looking out for your rights to have the best exhibits. Are you a teacher? You're represented by several lobbyists at the local, state and Federal level. Do you collect anything? Yes, you have a lobbyist.

Let's face it: We are all represented by someone who tries to protect our interests before one or another branch of government. So spend a little time here learning about the people who represent you ... and all of us!
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